Motor Home from Hell – Out on DVD!

It rolls on Axles of Evil!

The mysterious fortune teller, Madame X, had a psychic vision of a 1975 recreational vehicle packed with vampires and zombies, driven by the Devil.

Phil Philby, parapsychological PI and ex-C.I.A. hit man, took the case. A Cajun meth cooker, a sadistic country sheriff, sinister government agents, and a pricey Indian medicine man are only a few of their problems.

Can they stop this horrific challenge to Homeland Security before the evil RV triggers the apocalypse? Hell-on-wheels takes on a horrific — and hilarious — new meaning. It’s a wicked political satire that resonates with the weirdness of today’s news. Motor Home From Hell rolls on axles of evil, powered by an infernal combustion engine of explosive, subversive humor.

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