About the movie

“This movie may puzzle some audiences,” muses Ross Payton, director of Motor Home from Hell, “and to tell you the truth some days I’m not exactly sure what it all means myself.”  Basically, the indie feature is about a Class 6 Evil Entity (the Devil) driving a 1975 RV through the Ozarks creating an army of undead. “If this wouldn’t destabilize our Homeland Security, what would?” Payton asks.’

It’s a send-up of many genres, especially horror, sci-fi, and action-adventure. Stylistically, it’s indebted to both Kubrick and the Keystone Cops. This doesn’t mean the comedy project wasn’t taken seriously. Shooting took a year, editing another year. It was an ambitious effort with a cast of more than 100. “If there are festivals that give awards for irreverence, we’re in. We satirize the paranoia over Homeland Security, but our real target is the absurdity of movies in general,” said Ross.

Stars in this homage to B movies are Springfield Missouri actors with considerable experience. Holly McWilliams who plays Madame X had a juicy role in the Sci Fi Channel’s movie, Larva. David Krudwig, a former marine, is well known as an actor and teacher. The Sheriff of Sinkhole County is Ron Ayers. Ron was a Navy fighter pilot as well as a Shakespearean actor, so he easily fills the boots of a hardcore Ozark Sheriff. Nathan Shelton made a wonderful Devil – he’s the son of a preacher.